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    Unhappy verizon fios router disconnecting on upload every time
    Let me first say that I'm not certain this is a Mac-only problem, but I got rid of my PC and all we have are Macs now...and since I can't find anybody else out there who has had this problem, I figure it has to be something to do with our Macs.

    We had what we thought was an intermittent problem - couldn't identify the trigger, but every now and then our internet would go down: the AirPort indicator still showed connectivity, but we couldn't get to the internet from any of our computers, wired or not. The Actiontec router provided by Verizon for our FIOS service was all green lights; the only way to reconnect was to reboot the router.

    We called Verizon about the problem and they were stumped...sent us a new router, but the problem kept occurring, albeit intermittently. I would just reboot the router every time.

    Last night, my daughter wanted to upload some videos to facebook, and it kept hanging. I had her try with my Mac wired to the router. We tried a really small file 628KB - no problem; then we tried a 32MB file and it transferred about .5 MB and then stopped. No internet connectivity at all.

    I tried a few times this morning, and now realize that it's a reproducible problem, though I haven't tried to narrow down what the smallest size is that fails.

    Any ideas about what might be causing the problem? Is there a port being blocked? Is there a way to reset the network connectivity from my Mac vs. the router? Any ideas/help appreciated.

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    Thanks for whoever was reading this and trying to help; I think I figured out the problem - not Mac, it's the router: I had some Parental controls to block internet sites for my daughter's computer; even though I was on a different computer, when I removed the rules, things upload fine. Bad verizon software on the router.

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    Glad you worked it out. Be thankful you could call and speak with someone at Verizon who was willing to help when you told them you had a Mac. We are also on FIOS and have had to resolve most of the problems associated with connectivity ourselves.

    BTW, Verizon isn't using the Actiontec routers here - at least in our area anyway. They have been issuing D-Link models. (DI-624)


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