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    MAC to PC networking - mapping drives
    Just a quick question for you all. I'm only new to the MAC world so you will have to forgive me if I'm not up with all the correct terms etc.

    I have a client who recently bought an eMac for their office. I've been trying to get the MAC to connect to their windows 2003 network domain, and have now been finally able to do so. What I would like to do now is somehow, if possible, map a drive on the MAC to the Windows 2003 server. Firstly, is this possible, and secondly, how do I do it?

    If it isn't possible, is it then possible to have some sort of batch job or something automatically open a connection to the Windows server. It's just that the client doesn't want to have to go to Finder and manually open a connection to the server everytime they want to access it.

    Can anyone help me? Thanking you in advance...

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    From my knowledge, you cannot "mount a network drive" as you can with windows, where it is just an icon to connect to. This is because mac views your connection with the windows server as a volume, just like your hard drive, or any other firewire/usb drive you connect to the system. These volumes are all located in /Volumes...

    The way I always have to do it is open a new connection in the finder like you said, but that takes me less than 10 seconds to do. openapple+k, brings up the connect window.. and once you type in the windows addy "smb://<address>", just push the plus button and it stores it in the favorites list. So now all you have to do is just openapple+k, then select the server, and login. I'm sure you could also write an applescript program to do this, but this might be a bit too complicated.


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    So is there no way at all to create a persistent network connection within a MAC, short of writing some sort of script to do so?

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    Connect to the windows share in Finder by going to Go>Connect to Server> smd://Compname/shareddrivename/, get connected. Once connected that share will show up in Finder, open Preferences, go to Accounts>Startup Items, then drag the Shared Volume from Finder to the list of startup items. Wheneven you start up the mac that shared volume will appear.

    Thats the best way I can think of, but I have only had my mac for 3 days now.

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