I know there was stuff posted on this about a year ago, but I wondered if anyone was still having the same problems as I am on this.

I bought a Time Capsule recently in Singapore and managed to set it up no worries upon my return to Australia. I managed to get my PC, my mate's laptop, and my macbook pro all set up wirelessly through the time capsule. All was working well for about a week, when suddenly, for no apparent reason, it just stopped working. So I tried to set it up again, but airport utility kept giving me a message that it couldn't find any wireless devices. (incidentally it also does this when I try to set it up using the PC and airport utility) Did a hard reset, and managed after several attempts, to get it back. For like a day.
So I phoned Apple. Now the lovely young man there seemed to not have a clue at all about all this. He took me through lots of steps that didn't really have any effect, including several hard resets, and then finally told me to take it to a repairer.
This I did, however he couldn't find anything wrong with the thing, and so now, I have a very expensive but useless time capsule. I then did a search about this on mac-forums and so on, and discovered people talking about reverting to previous firmware (except that on a brand new Time Capsule, you don't have that option). So my question is, (1) has anyone else got problems like this with time capsule, and (2) has anyone recently figured out how to solve it? Otherwise, my last question is - how do I get my money back when I bought the silly thing in Singapore?