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Thread: Airport Express - Auto Connecting?

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    Airport Express - Auto Connecting?
    I recently purchased a G3 iBook, it is equipped with a Airport Express card. When I first got the laptop, it would auto connect to the internet, however since upgrading the OS to 10.4.11 it no longer auto connects. Instead, I have to manually select the network and punch in the WEP key before it will connect.

    What I wanted to know was, is there an Apple script that I could use to configure it to allow it to auto connect? By creating an icon on the desktop that could be clicked to connect without having to punch in the WEP key?

    If so, where could I find this script and how would I go about implementing it?


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    try going into the network preferences, deleting the saved networks, re-join or re-add the wirless network you would like to connect to, and on the last screen it sometimes says "Save this network" and make sure you enable "Connect even if SSID is NOT broadcasting"

    That should do it for ya.....

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