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Thread: Nothing Else Works While on AOL

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    Angry Nothing Else Works While on AOL
    Yes yes, I know using AOL was my first mistake - but it's what the parents pay for, so I deal

    I just got a Mac Mini two days ago (my first mac ever) and I've been having the same problems I've had with my PCs when first installing AOL. AOL connects fine and everything inside it is functional, but any program outside of AOL that requires a connection (Yahoo messenger, MSN messenger, iTunes etc) won't work. I've configured the proxy settings about a thousand times, and NOTHING is working.

    The PC version of AOL has different connection settings than the OSX version, so I can't use the quick fix that I'm used to.

    I'm using Verizon DSL on a home network (my computer is the hub). Here are my specs:

    1.42 Ghz
    512 Mb RAM
    OS 10.3.? (Panther)

    Any ideas?

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    is your firewall on? to check, go to system preferences>sharing>firewall tab.

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    Nope, it's not on. I made sure of that in the beginning. It's happened to me on every computer I've installed this blasted program on - so I definitely know it's an AOHell problem... :bomb:

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