I have had a very long look around this forum for help to this problem but I can't seem to find anything. I have a Desktop MAC and have purchased a 1TB time capsule. I have ADSL internet which I have connected through the time capsule. My wireless network including access to the time capsule and internet connection work fine on the MAC.

I also have a laptop which runs Windows XP. I have installed airport utility from the time capsule CD onto the lap top. I can access the time capsule through a wireless network and save files etc to it.

However, I cannot connect to the internet through the wireless connection on the lap top. When I click on internet explorer the internet connection box appears, its the one that has CONNECT, SETTINGS & WORK OFFLINE down the bottom. In the CONNECT TO box drop down list it has a couple of my old internet connections (dial up etc)I used before my current broadband provided.

How do I set up an new internet connection though my new wireless net work using the Time Capsule. Any help would be greatly appreciated.