after searching around to try to find a solution to my problem connecting to xbox live with my airport extreme due to strict NAT, i came across this workaround:
In Airport Utility, Option-Click (or alt click on windows keybaords) the radio setting button to get the hidden choices, and select “b/g compatible”, NOT “n (b/g compatible), just straight b/g. That will limit each device to 54 mpbs, which is fine.

Next, Option-Click your encryption setting button and select “WPA Personal.” Go into the InternetHCP settings (I think) and reserve an IP address for your 360 based on it’s MAC settings to make sure it gets the same IP all the time. In the NAT options, select that IP as the “Default Host” so as to cause no issues with XBox Live functionality. Restart the Apple Extreme.

After it’s up and running, start your XBox 360, go to the last blade of the Dashboard and select your network settings - it should let you select your new WPA-encrypted network and you’re good to go.
im not too computer literate so i dont exactly understand these directions so im hoping someone here can maybe clear things up for me...
first off, the radio settings thing is just a dropdown bar for me, and therefor option-click does nothing, though im not sure that matters. when i use the dropdown bar the closest thing to what they tell me to select says "802.11b/g compatible". i assume this is the same thing but not positive.

the next thing is similar: dropdown bar for wpa settings, and not exactly the same option. my options are "wpa/wpa2 personal" and just "wpa2 personal". not too sure which one to use here.

as for reserving an IP for my 360 based on its MAC settings...i have no idea what this means or how to do it.

this is what is shown under my DHCP settings bar
any ideas on what exactly to do here? any help would be greatly appreciated