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    Connecting new iMac and old iMac to Cable Modem.
    Hi guys. I am waiting on the arrival of my new 24" imac from apple. I have an older 600 mhz. G3 imac that is connected to the internet with a cable modem. After I hook up the new imac will there be anyway i can still hook the old imac up to the cable modem? Possibly use it in another room. Or is there anyway I can hook it up some other way. I know the new imacs have wireless but the old one does not. Sorry if this is a newb question. I did a quick search but didn't find what I was looking for. Thanks.

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    I think you can use Internet sharing, but by the sounds of it you might want to buy a cheap router. Put the cable modem and router by the old machine (wired) and use wireless with the new one. That is what I would do anyway.

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