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    Help connecting Airport Express to Linksys router
    I got an Airport Express for Xmas, I want to use it to stream music from my iMac to my home stereo. After going through the configuration, AE restarts then the network won't recognize it. I read Somewhere online that the older Linksys firmware won't support the AE, so I updated to v1.52, the latest one available from Linksys. The router is a WRT54GS and I am running OS 10.4. Any help would be much appreciated!

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    If you currently have security (WEP, WPA, etc) set in the Linksys, try going into its main menu and temporarily remove it. In other words, broadcast in the clear. Also go into your Network preferences and do likewise. If the AE is then seen by the network, you can re-instate the security taking note of the airport settings in your machine.

    I'm assuming you have your AE hooked directly to your stereo equipment and plugged in.


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