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    Stalls at times surfing web
    Hi, I'm new here and need some help figuring this out. Ok, so I have my MBP, and I have an iMac hooked into a Qwest 2Wire dsl wireless router. I have done several tests with both the iMac and the MBP, and here is the problem. At random times, the MBP just seems to stop talking to the router. It is completely random. Now, while the MBP is stalled, the iMac just keeps keepin on. I have spoken with Qwest (worthless) and the local Apple store genius' and neither were able to come up with a solution for me. 2Wire is no help, as this is a Qwest branded router. Has anyone else had this sort of problem and how can I solve this? This stalling out stuff is getting old. I am running a 2.2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with OSX v 10.5.6



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    i am having a similar problem. we have a powerbook and a macbook pro and at random times the internet just hangs on a page and won't load, both seem to be affected at the same times

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    Not much info to go on..... try the trouble-shooting tips given here.


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    To the OP: your MBP internet issues could be related to the 10.5.8 update. There is a fix here.

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    Getting similar probs with early 2008 mac pro desktop connect via ethernet to Netgear DGN2000 router and also a Linksys router.

    I can ping web sites OK
    Uninstalled Firefox 3.5 as I thought it may be the culprit and deleted it's prefs.
    Entourage still works fine
    Can't load web pages as Safari (4.0.2) can just sit there for up to 5 minutes before loading some pages
    Spoke to my ISP, who hadn't anything to offer.
    Swapped over routers
    Reset routers
    Changed all cables (telephone and ethernet)
    Changed ADSL micro filter
    Spoke to Apple Care who thought it may be a problem with the system preferences after the u/g to 10.5.8, deleted preferences as advised by Apple, yet the problem still persists.

    It's driving me nuts. If I'd wanted these kinds of problems I would have stuck with a Windows PC!!

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