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    Problem trying to transfer files from MAC to PC via LAN cable

    I'm trying to transfer some files to the external HD of a friend of mine. This external HD is formatted in NTFS.
    It seems that NTFS formatted drives don't accept files with the same name.
    The HD I'm using on my mac is FAT. - so it does accept files with the same name if they have different case, right?

    Example: Nice Picture.jpg - NICE PICTURE.jpg / FAT accepts - NTFS doesn't

    So I get this message:

    "You cannot copy 'Nice Picture.jpg' to the destination because its name is the same as the name of an item on the destination, except for the case of some characters."

    And it stops copying.

    Its a large amount of files (200GB), so I don't want to do it mannualy.
    Is there anything I could do?


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    There's something else going on. Neither FAT-32 nor NTFS is case sensitive to file transfer. I can routinely transfer files from a FAT-32 drive in a PC to one which is formatted NTFS without any problem whatsoever regardless of case name. I'm not sure why you're getting that error unless it has something to do with file permissions or the method of transfer.

    Can you remove the FAT drive from your Mac and mount it in the PC and do the file transfer that way?


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    You are doing this by a network cable? You say it's an external HD, so what is the protocol by which it's copying? SMB or AFP?

    Or is it really USB?

    What I would do is slave it in a PC and share it out over the network, then connect to the share with your Mac and copy the files over. 200GB shouldn't take more than a few hours to copy if you start the copy process and walk away (ie: don't use it while it's copying)

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