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Thread: Can I connect an ethernet to a computer, to connect it to it's netowork?

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    Can I connect an ethernet to a computer, to connect it to it's netowork?
    Can i connect an ethernet through a computer, to connect it to a network...?

    Ok so I want to get an xbox, heres my setup.
    I have 1 computer in one room with thats connected to an airport extreme wireless network through an ethernet cable. This room I CANNOT play xbox in.
    This airport extreme gives a wireless network throughout my whole house (which I could use wireless adapter for, but thats another $100). There is a computer #2 upstairs with no modem or router, but it gets internet connection via the wireless network.

    If I want to put the xbox right next to that computer #2, could i somehow avoid having to use a wireless adapter? Could I connect ethernet from the xbox to the computer #2 directly (no modem or router) to attach to the network? The computer has an open ethernet port in the back. (So basically, can this ethernet port in the computer (iMac G5) act as a router from an xbox to connect the wireless network?)

    Sorry if this doesnt make any sense.
    Thanks for the help

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    You can, but it may not work for a lot of things.

    You'd need to enable internet sharing on the computer (so the computer shares its wireless link with clients on the ethernet network).
    However, this will require the use of NAT on this machine. That's in addition to the NAT that you're likely doing at the network edge (e.g. in your AirPort Base Station or router, depending on your setup).

    Many things, especially two-way protocols like those used by XBox Live, won't work with this double-NAT setup.

    You're welcome to try it, but don't be surprised if it doesn't work. You may even find that parts do work (e.g. downloading updates/patches, etc.) but online play doesn't.

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    Spend the $100 for the Xbox Wireless Adapter.
    You'll save a lot of time and spare yourself some headaches.

    Usually only people that are quite familiar with networking will get this type of PC/NAT sharing to work.

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    Even if you do get it working it's always a bit flaky.

    You might want to consider ethernet-over-power adaptors or maybe an airport express - same price as the xbox adaptor but far more versatile.

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