Here's my situation that I am looking for some opinions on. I have a home network for a MBP running 10.4 and a PC box running XP SP2 and am in need of upgrading my router (I'm constantly being bumped off) and probably both operating systems to OS 10.5 and Vista. Also I really need to set up an NAS backup system before anything terribly wrong happens. Now, I have been looking into buying a time capsule or an airport extreme and some other external hardrive. While most of the reviews for the time capsule, which were not very flattering, date back to March when it came out, it seems since then apple has put out several updates that have solved many of the original problems. Is this still people's experience and are people happy with time capsule? Or, am I better off upgrading the router and purchasing a separate backup drive, knowing I will not be able to use time machine even if I bite the bullet and move over to leopard? Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks