I've been a mac convert for about 6 months and 99% of the time things do just work so I'm pretty pleased. My Apple TV and Airport Extreme are my 1%.

Here's my problem. I've been using an Airport Express connected to my T-Com dsl modem without issue, WPA/WP2 security enabled without a single hiccup. I decided to get an Extreme as I need further reach and faster speeds. It took me about 5 hours to finally get the thing to work, very frustrating! The only way I got it to work was without any security and putting it in Bridge Mode. As soon as I enable WPA/WP2 I can no longer access the net. I have limited knowledge in setting up wireless networks so I'm baffled. I live in a rural area in Germany so I'm not worried about anyone using my wifi but I'd like to solve this issue any ways. Any help in solving this would be greatly appreciated!