I am new to forums. I have asked this question via the mac help line to no avail. Wondering if I can get some friendly suggestions.

I have a MacBook running OSX 10.4.11 Tiger. I have a large collection of videos and music files, too big for my current 160 GB hard drive. I keep them on an external drive connected via USB 2.0 and I point iTunes there.

I operate on an Airport Extreme wireless network and I also have a hard drive mounted there. I have also tried storing my music and videos that way and it works great.

Here is the problem. I am looking for a one stop backup solution. I am willing to upgrade to Leopard and even purchase time capsule to work with time machine. Or Just to use time machine over my airport extreme o connect to the hard drive I have mounted there.

Meaning, to operate on a daily basis I have to store some of my data on my macbook (documents, images, etc) and some on an external drive (music and video) that drive can be hardwired to my macbook or on my network.

However, I am so far stymied in my attempt to have a single program backup both my macbook and external drive data automatically so, if EITHER fail, I have a place to go to recover.

SUggestions? I am even open to external software and slaving my video/music drive?

Thanks for any ideas!