I've been searching all over for this with no luck...

So I have a 500gb Time Capsule connected at the apartment, and I've been trying to access its hard drive from my MBP when I go to campus, outside the apartment LAN.

Someone told me that to find my TC from outside I would need to get the apartment ISP to set up a "port forward" on their apartment complex router so my TC could be seen... I asked the ISP to do that, and they said:

"We do not block any ports and cannot allow port forwarding for specific users. We can, however, issue you a public IP which should free you of the NAT and allow you to route to wherever you wish."

So they did that, and now under AirPort utility, the TC has a different IP address. However, AirPort utility gives two: An IP address and a Router address. Both addresses are similar except for the last two digits.

[I also had to change some settings on the TC because the internet wasn't working when they changed the IP, so now I have it working under "Bridge Mode." The setting "Share disks over ethernet WAN port" is now gone so I don't know if that is causing this problem...]

Anyways, while I'm within the LAN, and I use the "Connect to server..." option
and use afp://72.42..... (the "IP address" from AirPort Utility, "Router Adress" doesn't work) then I can find the TC. However, outside the LAN this method doesn't work.

Any ideas what I should do?