At home I have a Netgear N band router which I can connect perfectly with. Then when I go to campus and try to connect with their wifi hotspots, there is no success. It is password protected and I know for a fact it is not a password problem. In fact, it accepts the password, and it shows that I have full signal strength but when I boot up safari, there is no connection. In preferences, sometimes(only sometimes) it says "network has a self assigned IP and may not be able to connect to the internet", and other times it says "connect via PEAP" or something like that. Ether way I still cannot connect. I took my computer to the computer help area and they couldn't even fix it, so it seems Im out of luck. It shows no numbers under the DNS server box, and sometimes the numbers are grayed out. Please help, I desperately need internet for school. Thanks.

Oh, I have a macbook pro with latest update.