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    MacBook Pro network woes....
    Hi. My daughter has a MacBook Pro for college and is in her new apartment. It has a Linksys Wireless G router. WPA-Personal Security. The Airport settings are all good and the signal strength is max. IP address is there and it can ping the gateway AND it can ping or, etc. without incident, but when Safari or Firefox opens it hangs trying to access ANY Web page. I cannot figure it out.

    Secondly, I plugged a cable from the router to the Built-In (en0)
    Ethernet port and everything worked perfectly.

    For one day. Suddenly, at around 2 PM Monday her ethernet port stopped responding. The gateway is pingable, but not or
    anything else. I spent an hout with her trying to reset things to no avail.

    I've ordered a USB wireless adapter as an interim solution. Any help here would be greatly appreciated.Thanks.

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    Try turning off all security in the Linksys router as a temporary test to see if the MBP can receive the signal in the clear. Since you're apparently having difficulty even with an ethernet cable plugged in it's more likely something to do with the settings either in the router or the MBP rather then the signal itself.

    Go over all the settings again paying special attention to the ISP's instructions on how to setup the router. DNS primary and secondary settings should be checked to make sure they match.

    Apartment living and receiving a wireless signal can sometimes be a challenge because of the close proximity of computers and interference. Normally, I would suggest you may have experienced interference from another wireless network but since you also can't receive via the ethernet port, it's probably due to something else.


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    Funny thing is Windows machines in the apartment work just fine on the wireless network. All of the router configs look OK. They're very similar to the Linksys router I have in my home,
    where the MacBook -always- worked. There are a LOT of wireless networks in the complex too. I can't believe the built-in ethernet just stopped working. I know none of the config on the router or the Mac were changed.

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