Hi all,

I'd like to get some feedback/advice about Time Capsule security in regards to my configuration.

I'm living in a sharing accommodation with an existing wireless network set up via a Netgear modem/router. Here I'm the only one using a Mac (shame on my flatmates lol).
I've just set up my Time Capsule to connect to the Netgear modem/router through a wire for accessing the Internet. Also, I've created a wireless network with Time Capsule (norm n 5 ghz) to perform backup with Time Machine and also to access an external disk or printer connected to Time Capsule.

The wireless network on Time Capsule uses WPA2 personal encryption and I also set up secure shared disk with a disk password.

In your opinion does this configuration secure enough? As the Time Capsule is wired connected directly to the Netgear modem, are there any security issue that could arise from the external side of the network (Internet)?

Thanks for your help,