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    USB WiFi Antenna
    I just purchased a USB WiFi antenna to catch my own AirPort signal in a remote room at home. But I have been unable to setup and run. Can anyone give me a help?

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    you really need to supply more info.

    what exactly is the usb wifi attached to?

    what kind of distance are you talking?

    does anything else work properly on the airport router?

    by airport, do you even mean the router, or is it the airport card in your mac?

    more info = faster, better solutions.
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    Sep 23, 2008
    I purchased a USB WiFi Antenna called I-Spy from a supplier called Fullwelltech. I have an Airport Wireless with a Airport Extreme Router, but in a remote room in my home there is no signal. I bought this antenna just to be able to connect to my own Airport wireless network. The manual supplied prompted me to download the driver and software (ZyDas) from the site, but it doesn't connect. Later they sent me another driver with a utility called USB Wireless but it dosn't recognize the USB card. The network works fine in the other rooms, using either Mac or PC.

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