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    Bluetooth issues
    Hey, just got my macbook yesterday and was wondering if anyone has had a similar issue.

    I tried to connect my BT Mighty Mouse, and I couldn't find the Bluetooth Preferences button in my system prefs pane. Looked under system profiler, and it said No Information Found under bluetooth. After calling apple and trouble shooting, the bluetooth worked for about 30 minutes, but later stopped working. Called apple again, did something different, worked for another 30 minutes, then stopped working again.

    I've gone back and repeated the troubleshooting steps we used on the phone, and none of them have worked.

    Any ideas besides taking it in?

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    I have that problem with mine as well, you mind find it somewhere as the disappearing bluetooth, im using a core duo macbook but if you are still under warranty i'd take it back in because its apparently due to a loose bluetooth connector on the logic board

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