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Thread: Need help with DMZ and NAT - issue with PS3

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    Need help with DMZ and NAT settings
    I need some help please.

    I purchased a Time Capsule in February and I set it all up and have had no problems with my Mac getting online or my PS3. Until last Sunday.

    Now this could be an issue with the game needing a patch but I cannot get online with Mercenaries 2: World in Flames through my router. I have searched other forums and a lot of other people are having problems. I have never had an issue with any other PS3 game I have played online and as I said since I got my Time Capsule I have had no problems with my Mac or PS3. Is there anyone here with a PS3 going through an Aiport Extreme and actually successfully connecting to games in Mercs 2?

    Now on to my questions.

    How do I properly set up DMZ and NAT (when I view my settings status on my PS3 the NAT type is 2) settings in Aiport Utility? Also port forwarding, is it needed if I don't have the firewall turned on? How do I set up port forwarding in the Airport Utility? I have looked through manuals and online and just don't get it.

    Another question is about UPNP. On my PS3 it always says unavailable when I check my settings. Does the Airport Extreme have this function? Would it affect anything?

    I did hook my PS3 directly up to my modem and the game did finally connect last night, but it won't connect through my router. So it has to be something I missed.

    I appreciate any help.



    EDIT - I forgot to mention that my PS3 is hardwired to my Time Capsule and my iMac is wireless. If that matters.

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    TAP-TAP-TAP Is this thing on?


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    When I bought my Time Capsule 500GB a couple months ago, I swapped out my Airport Extreme 802.11n router and put the Time Capsule in it's place.

    When I did that, EVERYTHING was either super slow, or would not pass network traffic. My AppleTV would not sync with iTunes, nothing would get online. I read somewhere on the Apple Support Forums that this was a problem with other users as well. I decided to put my Extreme back in place, and put the Time Capsule on my entertainment center and use the three ports in the back to feed my DirecTV box, Xbox and SlingBox.

    In this configuration it worked perfectly, but as a router it did not work well at all!

    I would suggest doing a hard reset on the Time Capsule and start fresh and see if that works. Only configure the basics. You do not need to configure DMZ, and only NAT if you need the device to share a public IP (ie: functioning as a router)

    Also, if you are configuring wireless extending (more than one Extreme, Express) to link your network together, do it last to be sure it's not creating an issue if there's a configuration problem.

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