Iíve noticed that there is a driver for the RTL8187L chipset for MAC OSX 10.3, which, by the way, when you run the installation program says MAC OS 10.4 driver; and a driver for the RTL8187B chipset for MAC OSX 10.4 and 10.5.

I have the ENUWI-G2 USB WLAN adapter from Encore and they offer a Ralink R71 driver for MAC OSX 10.3, which appears as RTL8187B_WLAN_Adapter in the system; Mac OSX 10.3; Power PC based MAC and I cannot find the driver at all: An RTL8187B driver, for MAC OSX 10.3, PowerPC based.

I just can't get this thing to work!!!

Could I find a light at the end of the tunnel?