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Thread: Windows XP and Mac Leopard Network

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    Windows XP and Mac Leopard Network
    Hello guys, I have been googling this stuff for 2 days now, and I'm to the point where I am nearly ready to pull my hair out!

    I use Telus Highspeed internet here in Canada. Basically, I have a desktop PC running Windows XP downstairs in our house which is connected to the internet via a D-Link Router (2700HG-E Gateway). The other day, I bought a MacBook Pro, which is now running Mac OSX 10.5.4

    As soon as I went through setup on the MacBook, it connected to the internet via the network BIG RIG (which is what I have set my router to broadcast as). The internet works perfect. If I go into my Router Admin settings, it shows 2 computers on my home network - my Windows PC and my MacBook Pro - life is good.

    Now, I am trying to set up file and printer sharing between these two computers. This is where I have read so many different things, it is making my head spin. I tried setting up 'shared' folders on my windows PC and also set my printer to SHARED, but I can't figure out how to access them from my Mac (and the printer does not show up under the 'Windows' section of 'Printers' on my Mac). I was FINALLY able to access a shared folder on the PC through my Mac by going into Finder-Go-Connect to Server, and then entering the IP address and folder manually. But isn't there an easier way? And how do I set up printer sharing properly?

    Just for the record, I am very experienced with computers...but very inexperienced with any simplification would help Thanks in advance for any help. I have read about entering workgroups and the like....but it just seems like it should be easier with both pc's showing up on my router, and the settings on the top RH side of the Mac (to the left of the clock) shows the BIG RIG router right there, and the internet is working fine.

    Thanks again!


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    Unfortunately, IP is often the way you're going to have to go because the router isn't handling DNS locally, so there's by default trying to use the system name won't work. I haven't attempted to set the names locally (HOSTS file in Windows, not sure on the Mac), but that would work.

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