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    Complicated Airport networking/internet sharing problem...
    Hi... I'm not really new to either Macs or Windows based PCs, but this problem has been frusterating me for a very long time.. ok, i'll try and explain my problem here... It's complicated I know, but i'll try to make myself clear.

    I live in an area where broadband isn't avalable, so what I've been doing is teathering my 17" powerbook G4 to the telephone line, and using it's Airport extreme card and ethernet port on it's side to link to both my Mom's iBook wirelessly, and my Windows XP PC through a standard ethernet cable to share the dial-up connection. I didn't wire the telephone line to the PC because I couldn't ever get Windows internet sharing working properly with Macs.

    Now normally this setup works fine, as my Powerbook is mostly a desktop replacement and never really goes anywhere.

    However I recently got a Winows Mobile 2003 SE Pocket PC, which only "syncs up" with a Windows PC. it does connect to the internet through the Powerbook's WiFi card, but there are a lot of applications on the Pocket PC, such as NevoMedia, which it uses to download and stream content from a Windows PC.

    i have an Airport base station (the cheaper model, w/o a dial-up modem in it... big mistake) that i've tried manually setting up (w/o DHCP) that would be wired to the Windows PC for the sole purpose of not having the PC wired to the laptop. but i could never get that working.

    So what i'm really asking here is: is there a way that I could use the Airport Base Station to connect to the Windows PC, and wirelessly network that to the dial up connection on my powerbook just so i can wirelessly connect to the mac for internet, and my Windows PC for streamed media with the Pocket PC?

    The idea is that it would basicly turn the ethernet card on the PC to a wireless card, but the Airport base Station keeps acting like a router...

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    hmm, Im not sure, I think it should work, but the airport would have to be connected to a
    mac as the 'hub' or access point, then the pc would be wired to it, then the pc could act as an access point too, or you could always buy a wireless router like a linksys or something. there may be some apps that will help you , like pc maclam which works directly with appletalk.

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