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    AirPort turns itself off and won't turn back on!
    Hey, I'm a relatively new Mac user, bought a MacBook Pro just a couple of months ago. I've been experiencing a problem with my AirPort. It appears that whenever I am running my MacBook on battery power and I am connected to the internet via AirPort, if I walk away and leave my Mac running, when i come back 5-10 mins later, AirPort has turned itself off! And the frustrating part is that I can't get it to turn back on!

    I click the "Turn AirPort On" on my top menu bar and nothing happens! I open the Network Preferences and attempt to turn it on there, but it doesn't work! The only way that I can get my AirPort to come back on is to restart the computer. After i do that, it's fine. The only thing I've figured out so far is that this only happens on battery power. When my Mac is plugged into the AC power, I can leave it alone for hours online, come back and it's still connected!

    Anybody know anything about this??

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    I am having a similar problem. The airport keeps turning itself off. It will not stay turned on despite repeated attempts. I have had this macbook for almost a year now and the problem just began today... there are a lot of posts about it on the apple forums but no solution yet. Does ANYONE know what's going on??

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    Yes I found out the solution, I had to take my MacBook Pro to the Genius Bar at my local Apple store. There they diagnosed the problem as being a hardware issue. I allowed them to ship my precious MacBook Pro to a service center where the issue was repaired. I since have no longer had any problems with airport. The repair was made by replacing what was either a bad antenna or loose antenna on my wireless card. This repair was of no cost to me since I am under manufacturer's warranty, but if you are not under a manufacturer's warranty or some type of extended warranty, you will pay an arm and a leg! By default they ship your MacBook overnight, repair it the next day and overnight it back to you... exceptional service!.. but if you have no warranty to cover it.. have your credit card ready.

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