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    Question Erratic Airport Download Speeds
    So recently my download speeds have been very odd.

    Sometimes, things download at 50kb/s, but at other times, things download at 500kb/s. Yeah, I know, this could all be attributed to other people using my internet, but I don't share my internet with anyone else, and its password protected, so no one is using it without my knowledge.

    Even weirder than that, though, is when I download two things at once. Usually, the first download will go at 50kb/s, but the second download will go at 550kb/s. I have absolutely no idea why.
    Any ideas?

    And since you'll probably ask this, I'm running an iBook G4 1.33ghz edition and using Airport Extreme Firmware Version 405.1 (

    Thanks beforehand.

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    Well, it could simply be a factor of the websites you are getting things from. One site might be hammered, or have low bandwidth, and another one might be wide open.

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