My dilemma -

I recently purchased a new Aluminum iMac on which I run Fusion so I can still use a few programs that are Windows only. I have a Canon MF4150 printer for my home office and a new Airport Extreme Base Station. I also have two Windows based laptops. I am wanting to network the printer so that I can print from Windows or OSX on my iMac as well as wirelessly from my laptops. However, in doing some research, I have discovered that the mac drivers won't allow use of all the features on my printer (duplex printing, scanning) and there are a lot of problems getting it networked for wireless use with the Airport Extreme.

My Wish List -
I am willing to buy a new printer, but it needs to be a laser printer that can scan, copy, fax and print and one that will be fully operational across all printing scenarios (from OSX, Windows via Fusion on my mac and my laptops). I prefer a price of $250 or less. I would like the printer to be truly networked so it is not viewed as a USB printer on any device (it is a pain to constantly connect and disconnect the printer in Fusion when I want to print from both Windows and OSX on my iMac. Finally, it needs to be operational with Airport Extreme.

If I am better off to boot Airport Extreme for another wireless router if that is a better option, I could do that, but only if I could keep my current printer and fulfill my wishlist. I can't afford to buy both a new printer and router.

Any help is appreciated.