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Thread: Wireless Issue with MBP

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    Wireless Issue with MBP

    I am having a wireless Internet problem with my macbook pro. Here at my house I originally had a LINKSYS wireless access point, and the wireless connection kept fluctuating in and out. My girlfriend has a black macbook and she doesn't seem to have the same problem that I am having. This suggests there is something wrong with the wireless card in my MBP... but

    When I visit my girlfriend's house or my house at university I dont seem to have a problem with the wireless connection... strange, maybe its the access point at my house?

    Today I received a netgear wireless modem/router... I still seem to be having the same problem as I did before with the connection fluctuating, my girlfriend dosent have this same problem as me...

    If i turn my wireless on my MBP off and back on the connection goes back to full, but then after a while it will drop down, the Internet will not work, then after about 30-60 seconds it will go back up.

    Has anyone got any idea's on what could be the problem or what I could do to fix it? I have apple care but I would die if I didn't have my macbook pro for a week!

    I have tried changing the channel numbers on my wireless router/access points. I also jsut changed the position of the router, so we will see how that goes.

    any idea's on what I should do? anyone else experienced the same sort of problem?


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    Read through this FAQ and let us know if you have any questions after trying some of the suggestions there.

    The MacBook Pro is made out of aluminum, whereas the standard MacBook is made out of plastic. This can cause diminished wireless range in certain situations. It sounds like the placement of your router is less than ideal.

    Also, note that I moved this thread to the Airport/Networking forum.
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    thanks for moving the topic and the reply. Thats interesting about the macbook pro and not having as good reception as the macbook, I dident know that.

    I have since moved the router to a different location and it seems to be working much better.

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