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    HELP!! Sharing Files via Airport between MAC & WINDOWS!!!
    Hi All,

    Im a new MAC user and a new member here, and im sure the answer to my following question is somewhere amongst the THOUSANDS of replies here. But lets be real,, I think i'll get a quicker reply if i submit my thread.

    Anyway, I want to share files and folders between my iBook and my old Windows XP laptop (which now belongs to the missus). How do i do this via Airport?? Is it possible via Airport??

    Your answers will be much appreciated.
    YaZ !

    My iBook specs are: iBook G4 PPC, 1.07GHz, 512MB, built in Airport, running MacOS X 10.4.11
    My old Laptop specs: Toshiba Sat U305, Core Duo 2, 1.8GHz, 1GB Ram, built in wireless 802.11a/g/n, running Win XP Pro SP2

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    ya that is possible, what you need to do is start a computer to computer connection.

    to do that start on your mac by clicking on the airport card icon on the top bar, on the drop down menu click on "Create Network..." fill it out and click "OK".

    on your windows laptop go to "control panel" click on "Network Connections" on the left side of the window is a "Connect To a Network" or something like that and than follow the instructions for a wireless network connection.

    than reed this:


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