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    Need to connect 2 ethernet printers to wifi network away from main router
    Here's my setup: Cable modem and linksys router behind television.

    Currently I have an Oki laser printer and playstation 3 on the network via cat-5 cables to the router. Everything works fine.

    What I want to do is have move the Oki printer and get a canon mx8500 inkjet all-in-one (also ethernet) on the other side of the apartment.

    What kind of wifi box do I need that will let me wirelessly link across the room? Can it be done? Most wireless print servers I see only have 1 USB cable output for printer- and then I can't scan/fax with the all-in-one.

    Do I need another linksys router? airport extreme? Will two routers fight over each other? I don't have a clue.

    I also have an airport express that I was using for itunes into my stereo- but it kept screwing up everytime I turned on my sony playstation 3 which is also ethernet hardwired into the router.

    We have two mac laptops that will be using the network- no windows.

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    Can you not take wires to the other side of the apartment?

    An airport extreme will attach to two printers and join a wireless network but so will lots of other devices. Personally I would run a couple of cables. You can get flat network cable that you can run under the edge of a carpet if necessary.
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