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    linksys quit on me, what happened?
    something weird happened tonight, as i was online on my iBook i get the ol "Safari can't find network" notice, usually i just refresh safari and it works but this time nothing worked. i couldn't get online yet airport was connected to my router. so i get on my PeeCee and sure enough my desktop couldn't get online either. i unplugged the cable from the router and put it directly into my desktop and it worked. set up the router and it doesn't work... finally i just unplug the linksys and plug it back in, everything is back to normal,

    what gives?? has this happened to anyone else? i've never had to shut off my router.

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    Thats weird...Same thing happened to me a few weeks ago! Quite honestly, when I get around to upgrading all of my networking equipment, I WILL NOT be getting another linksys...They outright told me on the phone(when I was calling to ask a question about wep)Do you have a PC? Because we don't really support Macintosh...(Although I lied to her and said I was using the pc and I was on the Mac, because I KNEW it was alll the same)

    A company like NetGear makes this issue very clear....

    They will be my choice in networking from now on!

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