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    airport express configuration
    Please see the attached configuration file. Here's my problem

    Neither the Macbook nor the PC can see Airport Express (AE) unit #1 unless it is plugged into the DLINK router via an Ethernet cable. I called Apple support and was told that I definitely could not use AE unless it was hardwired into the router because it is configured to add to an existing wireless network rather than configured to be a new wireless network (a new wireless network may not be an option given the PC and DLINK in the picture).

    When I tried to add AE#2, the Airport Config utility made me choose between #1 and #2, it would not allow me to add AE#2 as an additional wireless unit. When I did that, I lost all ability to communicate with either AE unit.

    I had to take AE#2 out (unplug it) and then connect to AE#1 with an Etherned cable (to the Macbook) and reconfigure it for "add to existing wireless network".

    I am back to where I started
    - AE#1 connected to the DLINK via an Ethernet cable
    - a PC connected to DLINK via Ethernet (it is not wireless enabled)
    - a Mac talking to the DLINK wirelessly, not AE#1 (at least I <think> that is what I have)
    - a printer and my stereo #1 connected to AE#1
    - both the PC and Macbook can use the printer and stream to stereo #1 (where I was before trying to add AE#2)
    - AE#2 is invisible to the Macbook (I think that I will have to reset it or connect it to the Macbook to set it up like AE#1 but I have no idea what will happen)

    Here's what I want to do. Keep AE#1 as it is but add AE#2 to control my upstairs stereo. However, there is no Ethernet upstairs and I am unwilling to run a cable up there simply to access a >> wireless <<< device.

    What am I missing here when it comes to AE? I purchased both units about 2 months ago and have the latest firmware upgrades.
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