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    Unhappy AirPort no longer works after installing software update
    I got a new Macbook and an AirPort about three weeks ago and they have worked perfectly since I set them up. No problems. Last weekend I got a software update for the AirPort and installed it. I haven't been able to get onto the Internet with the MacBook since then. Plugging the modem directly into the MacBook didn't work, either. I was on the phone with the Mac tech people for 3.5 hours last night and they still couldn't make it work. The problem isn't with my Internet provider or my router, because finally I hooked up my four-year-old Sony PC and had instant Internet service -- while on the phone with the Apple tech. The tech finally told me I will have to take my brand new MacBook back to the Apple store and HAVE THE MacBook SOFTWARE REINSTALLED. He is making the appointment for me. This is a huge and inconvenient hassle. $3000 and nothing works! What is going on here? What was in that software update that completely screwed up my computer and my AirPort? Who is going to compensate me for my time? Please adivse.

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    Sorry to hear about your problems but this is a user to user (peer to peer) forum. Complaining here isn't going to help you resolve the problem. If you were on the phone with Apple tech support for 3.5 hours, I'm sure they gave you as much help as they could by phone.

    Taking it in to Apple and letting them go over the machine and get it back in working order is a good thing. Inconvenient yes, but better than struggling with it yourself and becoming frustrated.

    Certainly not any worse than purchasing a $25,000 automobile only having to take it back to the dealer to get it repaired.

    By the way, that same update worked fine here and I'm sure for many others who likewise installed it.


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