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    Windows Vista - Parallels on Mac Mini Leopard - Wireless internet not working
    I am a newbie on Mac. I recently bought a mac mini. I installed Parallels desktop and Vista through Parallels. However, I am not able to access the wireless internet through Vista.

    On the mac, under "System Preferences-> Network", I see "Parallels-Guest" as connected and "Parallels-NAT" connected. Both through DHCP with ips as 10.xx.xx...

    When I start Vista and start internet explorer it does not bring up any website. I played around with the Vista Parallels Network resource on the right hand bottom corner. I changed it to en1: Airport/Wireless adaptor but still it is not able to access the internet. Is it the correct option?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Make sure it is in the same subnet as your router...
    I had this issue today because Parallels defaulted to subnet that was not overlapping the one I had in my router. I also made sure the DHCP ip numbers were outside the range of my router to make sure there were no duplicates.

    You can set this in your parallels prefs...

    Hope this helps...

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