I did Security Upgrade 2008-004 on this iMac G5 and since then have not been able to connect to airport. The airport base station flashes yellow blinking light. I tried:
1)unplugging and re-plugging in modem and electric wires to both the base station and modem,
2)Running Disk Utility/repair permissions and restarting iMac,
3)putting paperclip into base station to reset (first for one second, then until it blinked to reset to factory settings)
It still blinks yellow, which means when I open Airport Utility and it tries to "discover apple wireless devices" it finds none; thus the icon does not show up in that program, thus I cannot click any "manual" button to reconfigure.
Any ideas would be appreciated how to fix. I was reading some place about doing something with reverting "receipts" to older version using "Pacifist" program I d/l but that is too far "above my knowledge." I have no idea where to find what version of what , nor what to change nor how. I tried reading it's(Pacifist's) help and don't understand; so please be patient and help with simple details of how to do things and where to go to find such. Thanks ahead!