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    Monitor wireless network activity
    Hi all ...

    I suspect that somebody may be hi-jacking my wireless connection. It is WEP protected, so I am confident that it should be pretty secure, but it seems to have slowed down considerably as of late.

    I have been looking around (primarily Google) for a tool that will help me monitor in and out bound network activity on my wireless network, but cannot really find anything.

    Has any body got any good ideas or suggestions as to a good tool I can use to monitor this activity. As far as I know, OSX (10.5) has not got anything of the sort. I do stand to be corrected.

    Many thanks,

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    I can't help with the monitoring tool, but for starters you might think about changing your mode of protection. WEP is fairly easy to crack although someone would purposely have to single you out to ride on your connection. He would also have to be in close range to do it.

    Usually the reason for one's connection slowing down is due to crowding which results in a lack of bandwidth and that equals slower speeds. I had the same problem with my old provider (cable DSL). Some ISPs are too cheap to add the proper network equipment when service areas begin to fill up.

    If the slowdowns are occurring during peak hours (usually when folks get home from work and on into the evening), then you can strongly suspect crowding.


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    chscag is right, WEP is extremely easy to crack. Is there a reason you are not using WPA?

    For monitoring tools you can install Fink or Darwinports and then install ports of Unix/Linux apps. That would be my only recommendation.

    On a side note, the O.P. would only see a slowdown on Cable, not on DSL.
    masakatsu agatsu


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    Hi guys,

    thanks for the replies. Well firstly, the broadband has only started to slow down in the last week or so, but saying that, the connection is a lot faster this morning, so it is probably just crowding?

    I am using WEP as it is the one required for my router.

    Thanks again,

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    If your router only handles WEP, then it is time for a new router. As others have said, WEP is easy to crack and that leaves you wide open, it could cost you more than the price of a new router.

    John F

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    If a new router is in the picture you can always get the AEBS which has built in wireless connection detection/monitoring in the manual settings.

    and it's shiny and made by apple =)

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    Cool Monitor other computers on my wireless network
    I have the same problem. DSL modem that is operating at 1.39 mbps instead of 10. I'm looking for a way to monitor other computers on the wireless network to see if they are online gaming or some kind of activity that hogs the band width. After 3 weeks of griping to my ISP, and a new modem, they are finally coming out to check the connections. I would like to be able to tell them if there is any really heavy use on the network.

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