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    iMac with Windows 2003 Server
    Is this possible? I would consider myself pretty tech savvy but honestly I don't know hardly anything about networking, never mind networking an iMac with a Windows server.

    I'm downsizing my business and I was hoping to get rid of this windows computer with xp and upgrade to one of the new iMacs. My experience with mac in my home has definitely persuaded me to switch to mac at work. I work with printing high resolution images on my Epson Stylus Pro 10000. The Windows 2003 server is where I hold all of the imagery and I simply open them from the server in Photoshop. Will there be problems if I attempt to network an intel iMac with this Windows 2003 server?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated! I hope I wasn't too long winded.

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    If there are no other computers on your network than I would just use the server for back only.

    Move all the data to the iMac and setup a backup to the server.

    In essence you really wouldn't even need the server. But since you already have it you may as well utilize it.

    Mac to windows can be done, there are plenty of how-tos on the forum.

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    Thanks, I appreciate your help. I knew that mac to windows worked correctly but I didn't know if the fact that it was a server would make the situation any different.

    I will definitely read up on the how-tos on this forum. Thanks again!

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