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Thread: Help! Stuck on "reading Time Capsule configuration" in Airport Utility

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    Help! Stuck on "reading Time Capsule configuration" in Airport Utility
    The whole story:

    I have a Macbook Pro (operating with Tiger) and I purchased a 1T Time Capsule to use for wireless internet and as a back-up drive.

    The initial set-up went smoothly (I admit, however, that I wasn't making informed choices in the Airport Utility set-up - I have no clue what Bridge Mode is etc.)

    I was able to manually drop and back-up about 80 GB of files (mainly image files - if that makes a difference), and the drive showed up in my finder window but I was having problems with the "network" I had created during the set-up. I was connected to the net and then I wasn't and I couldn't seem to reconnect.

    I ejected the drive in the finder window and unplugged the Time Capsule in some vain attempt at I don't know what... My computer then could no longer find the Time Capsule at all! After reading some threads, I tried resetting the Time Capsule in order to set-up the whole thing again, which did work as now Airport Utility can see it again, but now it is stuck on the "Reading the Time Capsule configuration" window. I have let Airport run the "reading etc." for hours on end and yet it still just continues to "read".

    I am at my wits' end and terribly confused as well as frustrated at my lack of knowledge as many of the threads are quite over my head.

    Does anyone have any good advice for me? (In basic layman's terms - and explanations if you don't mind!) Should I just let it continue to run in "reading"? Is it because I was able to put files on it initially that it is taking so long to "read the configuration"? HELP PLEASE!

    Thanks in advance
    Kiwi Bermuda

    P.S. Interestingly enough, I got the wireless internet to work by plugging my wireless modem into one of the LAN ports on the Capsule.

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    Smile STOP... Direct Connect with USB or Ethernet cable
    I will get very basic for you. Do not connect through your wireless connection people keep I'm dropping the signal and you'll get into deeper and deeper problems. My suggestion would be either connect to your network through your USB or through an ethernet cable directly to your computer or your router

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