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Thread: Macbook pro taking a long time to connect to wifi

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    Macbook pro taking a long time to connect to wifi
    I have had my macbook pro for over 6 months and I've always had a problem where it takes at least 10 minutes to register wifi. At first, I didnt think there was a problem, but after using someone else's macbook, I realized my computer took much much longer to connect. Any advice?

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    What kind of wireless router are you using? How far away and how strong is the signal to your MBP? Does your wireless signal have to penetrate walls in the house? Are you using encryption?

    As you can see there are many variables involved with wireless. In any event it should not take 10 minutes to connect.

    As a test, try to move your MBP as close as possible to the router and turn off any encryption for the time being. Make sure all the menu settings in the router are correct. DNS? IP address being generated? Protocol? and so forth. If necessary, call your ISP tech support and confirm the settings. Open up your Airport settings and make sure they match.


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