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    Exclamation Linksys, Xbox360, Bit torrent and a PC walked into a bar..
    Ok so bad first timer joke but i figure it'd at least pique some interest.

    Have a bit of an issue happening @ my house and was wondering if i could garner some much needed advice/help

    Basically i'm on a mac pro attached to a Linksys router via ethernet(one of the wrgt54 models) and there are current 3 other machines using the router (a macbook, a PC and my Xbox 360)

    Here's the issue.. when my roomie's PC is running Bit Torrent (he's on Vista), my XBOX 360 connection (which has a wireless adapter) goes from 4 bar strength to 1 red bar strength which is as weak as a Bgates new OS launch. Henceforth i am unable to actively play online due to the extreme laggyness of the connection.

    We did do a bit of trial and error and when his PC is not running BT, everything is fine.. but when BT is on.. Nada. My macbook does not seem to be effected by this at all.

    Any help/suggestions/advice? It'd be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    Vague Suggestion:

    Is it a port forwarding issue?

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    Uhm.. could be
    Quote Originally Posted by skaheadpunk View Post
    Vague Suggestion:

    Is it a port forwarding issue?

    How would i know if it is?

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    Xbox Live is known for its bandwidth hogging - what speed is your internet? - I really don't believe this really has anything to do with your MAC. Most likely, your roommates upload is set to a incredible high that is effecting your ping (its sucking up the bandwidth not letting you have any to play games on).

    An easy check, if you have the resources for it is to attempt to play any multiplayer games on your MAC and you don't receive any lag, or to attempt a speed test and see if the difference can be detected there. Your MAC may seem uneffected due to the fact that browsing the network sucks up much less resources then gaming. Xbox Live primarly sucks up a lot of resources because of all the data that is coming in and out of your box, even though these packets can be small, many of them at the same time can clog your network, (ex. VOIP, Speaking with the servers, Sending your Client Data, Downloading the data from the home screen like the news, the recent files etc.)

    Either way, to end this long ramble ask your roommate to try lowering his upload speed, if your on cable I recommend 15-20kb/s -- this will eliminate bandwidth issues (it does for me) and keep his download at an optimum rate.

    Try that, let me know.

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    When the BitTorrent is running, it is using your bandwidth. As Squizzi said, Xbox Live eats it like crazy. I had to get a dedicated 4mbps connection to run it, because my 10mbps cable line would get bogged if I was on Live, and surfing/downloading at the same time.

    Obviously, it works fine when the BT isn't running. My advise: upgrade your Internet connection, or just go on Live when he's not downloading via BitTorrent.

    Also, try running your x360 directly into the router via ethernet instead of the wireless adapter and see how it works then.

    Personally, when gaming, I would not use wireless, but that's just me.

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    Wow thanks for the quickie responses guys... I didn't know xboxlive was such a bandwidth hog... so far the roomie has stayed off BT when I'm home and it seems to work fine.. to be honest the wireless adapter works great when I'm gaming - consistently getting 3-4green bars... love it, less wires!!!

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