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    DSL & Wireless Router question
    I was helping a friend yesterday who purchased a new Macbook Pro (she has a G5 as her desktop) She is using DSL and has a Telus supplied combo DSL Modem/Router which to me seems like a piece of junk

    Her husband unfortunately uses Windows.

    Range, signal strength and speed for the wireless is dismal. I have an extra Airport Extreme Base Station I could give them and I guess I would have to get a DSL Modem as well.

    What is the best combo that people can suggest? Should I just get her a DSL Modem/Router combo from Linksys or someone like that? It could too expensive to purchase DSL Modem and the AEBS as well as taking up more space.

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    Does the router have an ethernet port? You could jack an Airport Express into it...

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