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Virginia P 06-18-2008 11:10 AM

Internet - intermittent or constantly disconnecting
Please help a real novice

My internet connection keeps going down - if left alone for five minutes - and at the moment totally unable to get a connection.

I can sometime (not always) connect by going to the Diagnostics - entering my router (BT Voyager) and then I am asked for a WEP password. This is pasted on the bottom of my router, and sometimes when entered, I get a connection for a few minutes. Quite often it does not connect at all, as at the moment.

Can someone give me a real idiot's guide of what I need to do - if my settings need to be changed etc..

Prior to the problem, it was running very slow - a BT engineer has sorted out my poor connection speed, but still my iMac (24" 2.8) still does not connect. The engineer suggested trying to restore the system - presently sitting here downloading the provided Install Discs, and thinking this is a big mistake....

I am sure it is something more simple than that - HELP please.

chscag 06-18-2008 01:25 PM


Restoring the system is probably not going to resolve the problem. If you're connected by wireless, try using a CAT-5 cable from your router to the input of the iMac. That will eliminate any wireless issues that may be present. Next, go into the router and remove (temporarily) any passwords or WEP encryption that you may have set. You can restore those later when things are up and running.

Without knowing what settings your ISP requires it's very difficult for me or anyone else to advise you about what they should be. And the sad part is most ISP tech support persons are not familiar with Mac OS X having usually been trained for Windows support. The lost connections could be caused by many things.

Have you contacted your ISP tech support and asked them to assist you? You mentioned support for the router, but not your ISP, or perhaps they're one and the same? Let us know and also any suggested settings they might have passed on to you.


Virginia P 06-18-2008 02:54 PM

The ISP support was the router support - Manx Telecom - comment was "we don't understand Apples" and that was pretty obvious.

They claim they provide the service to the home, the connection and router have been sorted by them but what we do wth our computer settings is not down to them.


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