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    Adding Leopard Server Share as PC Network place
    This maybe a simple question but I've been trying to add a share point from a Leopard server onto a PC and am getting nowhere!

    If the server address is \\\

    the share is within \Macintosh HD\T & O Share\ what should I be putting in to the add network place wizard? I've tried everything but to no avail.

    Any help would be grand!


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    Well Mac usually uses afp protocol by default for sharing over the network.
    So you probably need to enable sharing on Samba (smb-in short)...
    Then you shoould be able to connect your pc to your leopard share..
    Picture 1.png

    And in PC make sure that it is part of "WORKGROUP"

    If not restart your pc once you have it configured for the workgroup..

    Then you can either go through add network place wizard & simply put the IP address in the PC or you can simply view the workgroup computers & browse to your Leopard SHare server point withing windows explorer..

    Hope that helps..

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