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    Time Capsule as wireless hard drive "ONLY" ?
    Is there a way to use the capsule as a wirelss hard drive only without using it as a router.

    I know you can do this through ethernet but can u do it wirelessly? I already have a dlink router that my brother is using for our wireless.

    All the wireless settings ask is whether I want to create a wireless network, extend a network or turn wireless off???


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    Why don't you let it make a new secure network? It doesn't have to be what you use for internet. On its own network, there is your access to the drive.

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    Turn wireless off, connect it via a CAT 5 (ethernet) cable from the Ethernet WAN port to the router your going to use. It should work fine, and apple wireless assistant or whatever its called should be able to find it alright.
    -Zach, A.C.T.

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