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Snowbunny 06-15-2008 01:19 PM

How can I delete a Network iMac OS x 10.5.3
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Hello - I have searched and can't find a solution to my problem.

Sorry if this doesn't make sense but here goes:

I have an iMac connecting via Ethernet through a router and my husband has a macbook connecting via Airport. The network is protected with WPA.
They both are fine :)

The problem came the other day when I was 'messing' and I turned on airport on the iMac and choose either join other network or create new network - sorry I can't remember.

Anyway since then I have had this on my iMac: hopefully I've uploaded an image here :)

I don't know who thomson is - must be someone in the neighborhood but anyway I want to delet the Network - neighborhood icon but can't figure out how. Thomson must be associated with it as I have not had wireless on the iMac for days.

Hope this makes sense and someone will be able to assist.

Thanks for reading :)

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