Here's my setup:

Time Capsule
Canon mp610 printer
Windows laptop
Windows desktop
DSL internet

I have the printer connected to the Time Capsule, and all seems well with that when I wirelessly connect with my MBP. The trouble arises with the Windows machines. Every now and then, the IP of the printer will change. For whatever reason the IP will change from x.x.x.249 to x.x.x.250 (251,252,whatever). The MBP doesn't care, printing fine and dandy. The Windows machines throw a hissy fit, requiring me to go into the control panel/printers and faxes/mp610/ports and manually change the IP to the new IP. Exacerbating the situation is the need to log into TC in order to find out the new IP. It's a real pain for me, and something my gf just hates.

Short of replacing my windows machines with OSX machines, is there a way to make the Windows machines less finicky with the IP? Or, better yet, is there a way to stop TC from changing the IP of the printer?