PC user for too many years - last week at the Apple Store I bought a MacBook Pro - 2.4/200 hard drive - base model. I have an old Linksys router that works with my desktop PC via ethernet cable and an HP tablet wirelessly.
I tried to set my new PowerBookPro up wireless and here is what's happening:
I can surf the web OK using Safari and go to any website. I can receive mail through the Apple mail program that came on the PBP. I cannot send mail to any e-mail address and I cannot receive software update downloads from Apple. My ISP is Time Warner high speed cable. The model on my Linksys router: BEFW11S4. I know this router is old/slow but until I recover from the PowerBookPro purchase I need to use it. On another forum someone confirmed this model router works well with their PowerBookPro. Thanks for any help - I am almost 61 yrs old and not very tech savy. Thanks again!