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    networking macs
    why do macs f*** ** when they r networked? . I ve been using macs at my college for 4 years and not once in those 4 years have they worked. everyday the computer techs are sorting out the system and saying theres no prob with the system is the fact that macsw weren t built 4 networking or is it that the computer techs no **** all about networking macs

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    well my old school used macs (they just order 60 iMac G5's...), and they had a linux guru as the tech support guy, and he managed to get them all running seamlessly with an Xserve, so I reckon its probably the tech support thats lacking.

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    I have to agree, I mean, I'm no IT Network professional, but i do know that panther will auto connect to a mixed network.

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    i have 2 pcs and 2 macs on my network. all sharing files, printers and iTunes music.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MacAddikt

    i have 2 pcs and 2 macs on my network. all sharing files, printers and iTunes music.
    I recently switched to MAC by buying an iBook G4. I opened the box, turned it on, ran through the setup procedure and hey presto! it found my wireless network (currently occupied by a windows xp home laptop via wireless and a windows xp pro desktop via wired) and connected and integrated itself seamlessley within seconds.

    I was amazed at how easily it connected, especially since it took me bloody ages to get my windows machines to talk!

    Now all computers connected (including my lovley iBook) can share my printer, files, iTunes and access the internet. Magic :mac:



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    at my school, we had about 200 macs, mixed g5s and g4s, all networked, and we never had any problems. I have a feeling your so called 'tech guys' dont know what theyre doing.

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    I agree with the Macman. It sounds like your school tech does not want to work with any Apple systems.
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    Ditto on what every body else has said. At my school, I can actually access the network faster than anybody else with Windows machines, and our network uses Windows servers!

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    It's funny that the school network people say that OS X wasn't built for networking. Hmm, seems to be built off of BSD an OS that runs a ton of networks and web servers, it has Rendezvous built in, it also offers built in a built-in firewall, networking tools, and more advanced networking subsystem than Windows. Oh, not to mention that OS X is infinitely more secure in a network setting than Windows....could that be because OS X was designed with network security in mind?

    Seems your school techs don't know what they're talking about.

    But here's an idea, why don't you give us some details of your problems. What's happening? How does your school's network work? Are you using OSX and if so what version?

    Maybe we can help you out.
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