okay well I have had Hanaro (Korea) for 3 weeks and it has been slow the entire time. I keep hearing people that can download at 2-10 megabytes per second while I can only download at 40 kp/s second. What do you suggest? The thing is when the guy came he was trying to type in ipconfig on my mac and it didn't work. Anyways he didn't seem to know what a Mac was so I don't think the router or whatever was connected correctly. I had wireless stolen internet before,, but the reason why I signed up for Hanaro was to get these super speeds people kept bragging about. I am thinking of switching to KT or canceling my internet if nothing improves.

I honestly think I am not connecting to my own Hanaro account but still hooked into the unsecure wireless LAN I was on before getting my own internet.

The thing is I turn Airport scanning off and sometimes the internet works and it is just as slow as when I have the cable internet running.

I have also have tried changing my default DNS servers from Hanaro's to OpenDNS ( and and I haven't seen a difference in speed.

People in Korea who use internet can download usually 2 megabytes a second. (100 M download/ 100 M upload connections)

I usually have 1000 kb/s down and 300 kb/s upload. ( I am not downloading at these speeds though - I usually download at 40 kb/s).

Worst comes to worse should I just buy a PC and have the guy come again and install internet (Hanaro). I live in Korea and I don't know Korean so this may be the easiest option.

Where do you type in ifconfig on a mac? In the spotlight?